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There’s nothing I love more than being a wife and a mother. It was always the answer to the question, “Amanda, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to get married, have babies and stay home with them!” even as a child this has been the dream. I am soaking up everyday that I am able to live out my dream in this way! I thank God for it daily! It’s not a job I take for granted, even on the challenging days.

It doesn’t take long after talking to me to see I am passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum related! I believe the entire process of growing and welcoming a baby into the world is such a blessing and I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to have these children – to nourish, to teach, to disciple, to love, to play with, to raise up in righteousness, etc!

This ties into my love for natural healing. As a child, I came across a book. A book that was about 5 inches thick, heavy as could be and full of home remedies. I studied that book for hours, marking it with post it notes and referring to it when any ailment came my way. I may have been the first 10 yr old student asking the school nurse for ginger tea when I had a tummy ache. The interest in this subject has only grown over the years, I have continued to study homeopathic, herbal and alternative remedies to every need! It’s truly amazing that God has provided us with countless herbs, spices, and food that have the ability to heal our bodies! Conventional medicine is an incredible advancement, no doubt, but I believe it is best used when an emergency arises and I chose the alternative route as first line of defense!

One way I am able to put this passion to use is I am a Certified Health Coach specialized in Adults, Seniors and Pregnancy as well as an office manager for a busy functional medicine office! Both of these things I am able to pursue while staying home with my girls – huge blessing for me!

When I find free time I enjoy going to antique shops, auctions, thrift stores, estate sales and treasure hunting! The thrill of finding something valuable amongst a bunch of discarded things is thrilling to me! I love supporting my family and friends through their pregnancies and births! I like doing crafts, reading and writing, and studying things that I love!


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